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 How Are Therapy & Consultations Different?


Therapy takes place slowly over time, is grounded in our relationship, and tends to be long-term in nature. This depth of work may be for you if you want to make a serious commitment to your individuation, healing, and transformation. The journey of wholeness is subtle and complex, and will unfold according to a timeline that is unique to you.

Ongoing therapy of this kind is not focused on alleviating your symptoms, solving your problems, or “healing” you through some psychological intervention, tool, or technique. Though symptoms may shift and solutions often emerge, the center of our work will be grounded in maturing your human heart and consciously tending to your innate longing for purpose, meaning, and feeling alive.

Therapy is grounded in a relationship focused on your basic goodness, essential wisdom, and authentic desire for wholeness. To make this journey with an empathic, attuned, experienced companion is one of the most sacred undertakings of our lives and is becoming increasingly rare in this busy, stressful, quick-fix world.

Consultations, on the other hand, are more skills-based and goal-oriented. We work together for a focused, short period of time to solve or address a specific challenge.


Therapeutic Orientation

I draw on the wisdom found in relational and depth psychologies as well as in a variety of contemplative and spiritual traditions. Nonviolent communication and philosophy permeate all my work. 

My therapy and coaching practice is rooted in integrating psychological growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation and includes all of these approaches:



Just as an acorn goes through various sequences and stages to become an oak tree, the challenges of our lives are opportunities for growth that help us transcend and include earlier ways of being as we increase our capacity and reach for our potential.


Your body has its own innate wisdom and healing capacity, and our work may include tuning into sensations and body-based memories and experiences while examining various life and self-care choices.


We all live within networks of systems: family systems, work systems, and cultural systems, which impact and influence our sense of identity and how we relate to others. Understanding these dynamics can be freeing and empowering.


We explore our deepest sources of vitality, meaning, strength, and guidance, honoring the important role reverence, sacredness, and beauty play in our healing and growth journeys.

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