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Here are a few important training videos that offer an introduction to the principles and approaches explored in my work. Visit my YouTube channel for more.


Handouts & Worksheets

Handouts & Worksheets

Click on any of these titles to download the corresponding handouts and worksheets. These are most frequently used in the Conversations from the Heart learning forum and in many of the other courses and workshops that I offer.





Online Courses


Human 101: Building Better Relationships

Self-Paced Video Course


  • Effectively communicate your feelings, values, and wishes;

  • Change power struggles into partnerships;

  • Ask for what you want in a way that makes others want to give it to you;

  • Hear what people actually mean so that you stop tripping over their clumsy ways of saying it.

In this comprehensive, foundational course, Dr. Yvette Erasmus gives you a new roadmap and practical tools for navigating human dynamics with clarity, compassion, and confidence. You’ll learn to successfully manage the important but complex relationships in your life.

Not sure what to do with all your feelings?

Wondering why it’s so hard for people to just get along with each other?

Wouldn’t you love to just get to the heart of the matter quickly and cut through all the endless analyzing?

Want to dismantle fear-based thought systems so you can transform oppression and inequity in your world?

You’ll get essential relationship and communication principles that you need to make a dramatic shift in your relationships at home and work.

Get practical tools for life-enriching, love-based collaborative relationships that support a world that works for all people.

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