When life gets particularly overwhelming, and I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew, it helps me to remember all the ways that I can resource myself … Here’s my life of reminders – May they inspire you too!

  1. Time away – even just going for a short drive can help clear my mind.

  2. Safe space – my sunroom and my bed currently are my two favorite safe spaces – places I curl up and feel cocooned by soft textures and warm sun.

  3. Alone time at home – staycations really help when too much is going on. Sometimes travel feels like yet another stressor: nothing beats being alone at home when my mind is spinning and cranking things out. Often I have too much “coming in” and not enough time to just let it all metabolize.

  4. Stillness to decompress – it’s not always enough to just be alone, I also keep all media off, my nose out of books and just stare … lie and sit and stare … it’s amazing to watch what arises when I allow my environment to be still and free of stimulation.

  5. Break from responsibility – reminding myself that I don’t have to get it all done, and especially not always alone.

  6. Solitude to recharge – are you hearing a theme yet?

  7. Something “unproductive” – giving myself a break from needing all activities to be useful or productive can be liberating … what about just unproductive play? Value that too.

  8. Permission to not be helpful – I don’t always need to be of service, and I often need to remind myself of this!

  9. Connection to art and nature – doodling in my journal, playing with paint and clay, sitting in the garden, watching the birds.

  10. Empathic conversations – sometimes I just need to vent and have someone express care, validate my reality and express confidence in my ability to get it done!

Now it’s your turn – when you are on overload, what helps you to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect?

Let me know and leave a comment below!

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