Polarity Mapping and NVC


Online Workshop

The Power of Polarities


Welcome to this mini-training into the Power of (well-managed) Polarities!

I am delighted you are here.


Almost any dysfunction can be traced to some polarity being mismanaged, or some pole being neglected.
— Beena Sharma

As you immerse yourself into the powerful concepts in this training, you will find practical ways to identify false choices in any conversation, increase your ability to integrate seemingly opposite concepts and find yourself more able to live from paradox.

The skills you’ll learn will help you shift from either/or thinking and into both/and consciousness – one of the most powerful shifts in consciousness needed on our planet these days!

I recommend you:

  1. Start by listening to the two podcast episodes to get a general overview of the concepts

  2. Then download the workbook

  3. Work your way through the 2-hr interactive training video.

  4. After that, browse through the resources listed at the bottom of the page to enhance your learning!

Dive in, and enjoy!

Podcast Episodes – recording of a simple introduction during a practice group:







Workbook: Polarity Mapping Webinar

Slides from Presentation

If you want to jump to …

21:35 – Definition of Polarity
24:00 – Problems vs Polarities
34:30 – Demo and Exercise with 4 Quadrants
1:00:00 – Debrief and help naming polarities
1:04:55 – Points of View (Stability and Growth)
1:10:04 – Leveraging Polarities and False Choices
1:11:35 – Preferred and Neglected Poles
1:15:15 – Thinking in Pairs
1:24:00 – Debrief of exercise and Q&A
1:26:00 – Let’s Play: Practice listening for Poles
1:37:05 – Two Energies at Play
1:42:20 – Overview of Whole Polarity Map

Learn More:

Dr. Barry Johnson – Polarity Partnerships

Beena Sharma – Vertical Development Academy

Integral Life Practice

NVC Academy

YouTube Videos

Video: Polarity Mapping with Barry Johnson (59 mins)

Video: Polarity Management with Jennifer Garvey Berger (3 mins)

Video: TedX Talk on Polarities with Shoshana Boyd (14 mins)


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