From Polarity to Paradox

Improve Your Relationships with Polarity Mapping

Do you want to…

Upgrade your thinking skills and relational toolbox?
Get out of a stalemate in your relationships?
Move from either/or to both-and-more thinking?
Stand up for what you believe in without fueling more division?

In this video training, I’ll introduce you to a step-by-step process that will help you heal divisions, harmonize tensions, and bridge relational differences in your life. 

As I walk you through Barry Johnson’s Polarity Map, you’ll learn how to integrate polarities, such as masculine and feminine, stability and change, acceptance and improvement, and autonomy and attachment. 

You’ll leave with practical tools and transformative knowledge to ease your way out of emotional gridlock, discovering how seemingly contradictory values can be in healthy relationship.

My life has been focused on the study of human development, first as an international educator and then as a clinical psychologist and consultant. I’ve immersed myself in the study of how interior dynamics in human beings can be healed to contribute to a better world for all beings.

Now more than ever, we need practical tools that help us “transcend and include” our earlier stages of development, bringing together the tensions between seemingly opposite sides, both inside and outside of ourselves.

Let me show you how.

You’ll discover…

  • the difference between polarities and problems.
  • the fundamental polarities at play in entrenched conflicts.
  • the life-affirming patterns that fuel and necessitate polarities in our lives.
  • harmony, enrichment, and meaningful long-term solutions to old dilemmas.
  • increased capacity for more complex, creative, integrative thinking.
  • A new way to relate to paradoxes that enhances how we relate to others.

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This self-paced online course includes a two-hour prerecorded video training, a workbook, slide decks, and 45 minutes of bonus audio, plus additional resources for you to continue exploring.

From Polarity to Paradox
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