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Thank you for asking for more information! Here you go!

The Fall 2019 Deep Dive Group:

This session will be heavily focused on role-plays, dialogue practice and skills work. Didactic material will be “as needed” commentary for the skills work we will be doing.

Our focus will be on exploring creative, nonviolent strategies for staying in connection with others when …

They are angry
They are stuck in shame
They are making demands
They are depressed/withdrawn
You want to say no to them but fear retaliation
You want to ask for something that feels vulnerable
They say one thing, but do another thing
You are frustrated and resentful about a repeating pattern
How to speak up when your feelings are hurt
How to express a difference or disagreement, nonviolently

And more.

You will be invited to role play, generate new scripts, explore various ways of responding to one another, try new things, experiment and test things out with one another.

Also, you will have the option of being paired with an empathy buddy during the course to do skills work and practice between sessions. You may opt out or into this part.

If you are looking for a group that gets you actively involved in trying out new language, new approaches, new dynamics with a safe group of people who work together for a long time, then you might enjoy the Fall session.

However, if you prefer the Q&A format and are wanting more learning than practice, you probably will enjoy the morning drop-in group more, and will get more questions answered in that setting than this one.

This group is for you if:

  • You have a playful and gentle spirit when it comes to learning and growth

  • You understand the structures of nonviolent communication but are longing for practice applying it in real time with natural sounding words

  • You’re looking for new scripts, new approaches and deeper insights into where you might be getting stuck

Important clarification:
This is not an empathy group, and this group is not designed for therapeutic support around personal issues. While we may use real situations that people bring in for practice, the goal will not be to solve, heal, fix, support or empathize with the person who brings an issue in. While some of that will of course happen as a natural side effect of this kind of work, the primary focus will be on getting everyone to take various parts of the situation and to explore and play with them in a variety of ways.

Plymouth Congregational Church, Fireside Room and other rooms on some days when the Fireside Room is already booked.

Time/Money Investment:
September 4th – December 11th
Wednesdays afternoons; 1pm-3pm
$895 for 15 weeks (payable directly to Plymouth Congregational Church)

If you would like to apply, please send an email to and answer the following three questions before August 1st:

  1. What draws you to/inspires you to join a group like this at this time in your life?

  2. What are you hoping to learn/gain from this group?

  3. What are you hoping to offer the group/process at this point in your journey?


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