Therapy with Yvette


Tired of letting fear run your life?
Feeling stuck in important relationships?
Do you want to develop more …

Insight into the subtle, hidden dynamics that keep you and your relationships stuck?

Choice, expanding the options and tools you have available to respond to intense emotions in more loving ways?

Confidence, relaxing and trusting yourself in the presence of charged emotions?

Effectiveness, shifting out of unspoken and entrenched dynamics?

Wisdom, seeing the bigger picture and the heart truths and inviting others into it with you?

Creativity, choosing new responses to yourself and others, bringing more energy and possibility into your relationships?

Freedom, accessing grounded presence and clarity no matter how “hot” things get ?

If something in your life is not working for you, and you’d like help with meaningful change, easier relationships, let’s talk about it. Or if you’re just tired of feeling controlled by anxiety and depression, or you want to let go of worry, fear, confusion, and judgment …

Let’s Talk About It



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